Laser Cutting

Kaler Engineering are proud to hold the very 1st Durma fibre laser machine in the UK. Our 6kW fibre laser provides our clients with a cost-effective solution to cutting a variety of different materials that include; Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and other special materials. The speed and accuracy of our fibre laser machine will ensure our clients’ needs are met with a swift turnaround, value and high quality.

With our 3m x 1.5m bed, we’re able to cut one off items, small to large batch sizes. We can cut complex patterns of circles and holes and deliver an end product that exactly meets our client’s requirements. Other features include marking and etching, ideal for fabricators.

All the materials we cut can be supplied with certification and full traceability, ensuring you get the best quality cut on the best quality material.

Our cutting thickness are:

  • 25mm of mild steel,
  • 15mm Stainless Steel,
  • 15mm Aluminium,
  • 5mm Bronze,
  • 12mm Brass,
  • 10mm Copper.