Folding and Shearing

Kaler Engineering facilitate a Durma 220 ton 5-axis CNC Press Break and a 3m CNC Guillotine. We can shear up to 10mm thick and fold up to 4m long from 1mm to 12mm mild steel and 10mm stainless steel.

All our work is carried out to the highest industry standard with our highly trained and committed staff and the latest machinery which incorporates the most up to date software. This enables Kaler Engineering to deliver, on both quality and service.

Our advanced machines are programmed off-line using 3D modelling software which proves and simulates customer parts prior to meeting the shop floor. This ensures accurate lead times are offered and jobs on tight timescales are avoided due to folding complications.

We can provide from large batch work to one off bespoke items. With our extensive range of press break tooling (including swan neck) we can fold tight returns as small as 3mm. Therefore, we can manufacture intricate items such as stainless-steel kitchens, bespoke cladding over aluminium shopfront sections, cabinets, computer items and more common items including cladding panels, stair treads, purlins, SFS Infill walling systems.